Friday, 19 November 2010

Picking Up Where My Old Blog Left Off

With the full moon fast approaching, bringing with it the opportunity to perform the Rite of the Devotee of Her Sacred Fires and apply for membership to the Covenant of Hekate, I have decided to start with a fresh blog (of the same name as the old one) to record all my experiences, thoughts, interactions etc with and about the Goddess Hekate.

My aim will be to update regularly, if not daily, and present myself with challenges and thought-provoking situations which I can write about as well as detailing my experiences, ritual, poetry, writing reviews on Hekate-related media, updates on Lily my sponsor dog through Dogs Trust (a devotional act I carry out) as well as info and pictures on my current tattoo in honour of Hekate.

I hope that people will find the posts here informative, intreresting, educational and more. I don't mind if I don't get any comments to posts, I'm a habitual lurker myself, but please feel free to ask and to comment if you would like.

In my next post, I will shed some light on my background with Hekate and how She came into my life and has continued to be a driving force in it.


  1. Kenn,

    Sorry to drag you back to LJ now that you've moved, but I just posted something about Hekate on my own, seldom-used Journal that might interest you:

    Love the new blog!


  2. Thank you for letting me know about this - I found it most interesting! Glad you're liking the new blog, I aim to keep it regularly updated by setting myself little "challenges" as well as saying what I'm going to write next at the end of the previous entry!

    Yours in the Gods,