Friday, 4 February 2011

Seven Days of Hekate: Deipnon

"Ask Hekate whether it is better to be rich or starving; she will tell you that the rich send her a meal every month and that the poor make it disappear before it is even served."

-Aristophanes, Plutus

Last night marked the darkest night of the lunar month, the precursor to the New Moon: Hekate's Deipnon. It is a time of transition between the old month and the new and is a good time to clear things out, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I have celebrated this day in varying ways and to varying degrees depending on my time, location or frame of mind. I personally prefer to be able to plan ahead, make a big deal about it as I feel it is an important part of my ever-growing relationship with Hekate.

This month, however, I opted to keep things simple but meaningful. I had tidied and done my monthly dismantling, cleaning and reassembling of the shrines so I proceeded by reading a simple prayer I wrote for the book "Bearing Torches" (published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina) and lit a stick of specially blended Hekate incense which burns slowly to release an earthy and aromatic scent. In the flicker of the candlelight I set a small vase of tulips and spent some time in quiet contemplation.

There is a closeness in the quiet darkness outside on these nights and I find it somewhat exhilerating when a lone dog barks suddenly whilst I'm in my reverie. In the amber glow of the many candles I light in My Lady's honour, I can never help but feel that the image of Hekate on my shrine is somehow smiling, just ever so slightly - and this gives a feeling of both comfort and pride.

Other ways I celebrate this Holy Day include buying dog food/treats and leaving them in the dog charity collection bin at the local supermarket; I often find random inspiration to create something in some form or other, be it writing or art and these things become offerings. I have left meals at Crossroads which I try to make as safe and degradeable to the surrounding environment. There are undoubtedly more ways worship Hekate at the Deipnon and I'm sure I will discover some of them in time.

"Torch-bearing Hekate holy daughter of great-bosomed Nyx."

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