Thursday, 3 February 2011

Seven Days of Hekate: Third Times the Charm!

Well what a pain that I STILL haven't managed to sort this little project out from the last time I tried to start it but after the first month of a new year with the usual post-holiday downers like bills, weight issues, work and all that I'm happy to have some time to myself (the next 5 days actually) where I will be getting on top of all the things still outstanding!

So to get us in the mood I'd like to share a little inspired writing which will get the ball rolling and then over the next few entries I'll be talking about the Deipnon, my finished Hekate tattoo, my review of "Hekate Nytcipolus" by Jade Sol Luna, sharing my experiences from my carrying out of the Rite of the Red Cord!

"Robed in Night and crowned with Starfire
I give praise and thanks to You
On this, the Darkest of Nights.
In the crisp silence of the Witching Hour
I set the candles flickering,
the incense smoke spiralling to the heavens.
The drum of my own heart beats out the tempo
to my words which rise and fall,
calling out to You!
Flanked by dogs with eyes like burning jewels
You come across, from above and from below.
Three roads meet where You stand
Mighty and regal with torches in hand.
Fierce protectress and nurturing guide
Whose very presence inspires
both joy and fear!
Tonight beneath a sky of flickering diamonds,
the scent of jasmine lingering on tendrils of smoke
I offer up sweet wine, poured into the Earth;
a simple feast - banquet of the lost and hungry - at Your sacred place.
By words, flame and deed
Hear me and be joyous as I praise Your fathomless Mystery
Hail Hekate!"

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